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Neil Diamond - World Tour 2008- O2 Artena, London
O2 Arena 2008 O2 Arena 2008
O2 Arena
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Photo Gallery to view the 2008 O2 Arena photos.


Woburn Abbey 2005 - Click for more photos!

Woburn Abbey 2005 - Click for more photos!
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to view all of the 2005 Woburn Abbey photos.
Woburn Abbey 2005 - Click for more photos!
Woburn Abbey 2005 - Click for more photos!

Also, check out Hans' 2005 Photos in the Photo Gallery

Click on one of these song links to listen to an mp3 sound clip from the 2005 Woburn Abbey Concert:
Intro: Lordy/Crunchy Granola Suite
Dialogue/Remember Me
Wake Up The Band
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
I've Been This Way Before

BBC In Concert 1971 - mp3
Download the full mp3 audio from the BBC broadcast
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  MP3 Audio File 26 MB Full MP3 Audio


See more of Angela's and Hans's fabulous photos of Neil at Earls Court, London... Just click on the "Photo Gallery" button over on the left of the page and look for the "Quick Links" in the left hand margin.!

Hear mp3 "Sound Bites", from Neil's last show of the 2002 UK Tour at Earls Court, London!! Download mp3's of selected tracks from the CD "Collection Gallery" Pages!

Also in the "Collection Gallery", you can find mp3 snippets of Neil at Lansdowne Road, Dublin, Ireland in July 2002 and there are some sound file snippets from Neil's previous visit to London's Earls Court way back in 1984!

There are some newspaper reviews and cuttings from the Ireland and UK Tour to be found on the "Scrapbook Page".

Welcome to Focus On Neil Diamond! This website gives a glimpse at some of the more unusual or rarer CD's, LP's, videos and books in my collection, personal photos of Neil in concert and a peek at cuttings from my Scrapbook.

I've also included sound clips from some of Neil's UK TV appearances and interviews and some sound bites from three or four memorable concerts - these sound files can be easily downloaded and/or played back on your computer or a compatible mp3 device.

Thanks for stopping by at my website - I hope that you find something here of interest!


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