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Neil Diamond at Woburn Abbey (1977)
Neil Diamond at Woburn Abbey (1977)
Neil Diamond at Woburn Abbey, England (July 2, 1977)
Recording of Neil's famous landmark, open-air concert performed on the lawns of the Abbey in front of 55,000 people on July 2, 1977. This special performance was the conclusion of Neil's 1977 European Tour. Includes "Dance Of The Sabres", "You Got To Me" and "Reggae Strut". (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD 1 shown)

9th Hot August Night
9th Hot August Night
Neil Diamond - The 9th Hot August Night (August 26, 1972)
Unofficial recording of Neil's 9th night of the ten night stand at the Greek in '72. The official "Hot August Night" release was mostly recorded on August 24th; this two-disc set was recorded two nights later on Saturday August 26th. It's quite interesting to see how the set lists differed from show to show and alsohow Neil's delivery varied too. (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD 2 shown)

Hot August Night - Mastersound
Neil Diamond - Hot August Night
(Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Original Master Recording - Limited Edition)
(August 24, 1972)
This is a legitimate special edition of what is considered by many, as Neil's finest album and is certainly my personal favourite. It was transferred from the original master tapes on to 24 karat gold CD's for better reflection and sound quality. No adjustments, sound compression or artificial "enhancements" were made and what you hear is as close to the original recording as you will. I am usually sceptical about claims of superior sound quality but when played back on a reasonable CD/Hi-Fi system, there is a definite and quite noticeable superiority to this set when compared to the original CD release or the more recent "re-master" with the three bonus tracks. The overall separation is superb and each instrument is more clearly defined and refined, the vocals are very pure and even the ripple of the audience applause is clearer and sharper. This recording and CD transfer takes stereo musical fidelity to the next level.

The Company who manufactured the discs, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, under license from MCA, unfortunately went out of business in the late 1990's and as such the discs are no longer produced but it is still possible to find used or second hand copies. The enhanced CD booklet includes all original album artwork plus additional photographs and information. It originally sold for more than twice the price of the regular release but, in my opinion, it's worth every penny!

Chicago 1972
Chicago 1972
Neil Diamond at Aerie Crown, Chicago (July 16,1972)
A live concert performance approximately one month before the "Hot August Night" stand at the Greek. There are a number of similarities in this concert to the Greek performances but there are also some subtle differences. (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD shown)

Neil Diamond at The Bitter End (1967)
Neil Diamond at The Bitter End (1967)
Neil Diamond at The Bitter End, Greenwich Village, New York (1967)
An unofficial live recording of one of Neil's very early New York club dates in August 1967. This concert, coincided with the release of Neil's second album, "Just For You", and the songs performed were still very "fresh". Includes "I'm A Believer", "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and "The Boat That I Row". (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD shown)

Thank You Australia 1976
Thank You Australia 1976
Neil Diamond - Thank You Australia (1976)
This is another one of those "live" recordings that is not available in the shops! This is the famous "landmark" concert Neil performed on 9 March at the Sydney Sports Ground to close his 1976 Australia/New Zealand Tour. The show was beamed "live" on television in Australia - Neil even read the commercials! This is a Hi-Fidelity recording and was NOT taken from the telecast of the concert. (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front/CD 1 shown)

Neil Diamond In Concert: Madison, Wisconsin (10 December 1977)
A good quality unofficial live concert recording on a double disc set containing several cuts not readily available on other live recordings including Lament in D Minor/Dance Of The Sabres, Signs, Let MeTake You In My Arms Again, I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight, God Only Knows and Winter Wonderland. (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD 1 shown)

Pine Knob 1978
Pine Knob 1978
Neil Diamond at the Pine Knob Amphitheatre, Detroit, Michigan (Aug 10, 1978)
Recorded exactly eight months after the Madison CD above. This is the Matinee performance and includes The Dancing Bumble Bee, Dancing In The Street and Teach Me Tonight. Neil also performed Chelsea Morning and Glory Road. The Band Intros were played to "Dance of the Sabres", which of course was re-introduced in the 1999 shows for the Band Intros once again. (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD 2 shown)

Neil Diamond in Stuttgart (1971)
Neil Diamond in Stuttgart (1971)
Neil Diamond in Stuttgart, Germany (1971)
An unofficial live recording on the last night of the German leg of Neil's 1971 European Tour, which also included Annabel's Nightclub, The Royal Festival Hall, London and a special concert for the BBC with the BBC Orchestra. This set includes "Lordy", "A Modern Day Version Of Love" and "He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother". (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD shown)

The Bang Collection
The Bang Collection
Neil Diamond - The Bang Collection
An unofficial compilation of all 25 of Neil's "Bang" recordings plus five additional mixes. CD Label is made to look like the original "Bang" labels used on the vinyl 45's and LP's. (Rear/Front CD case shown)

Neil Diamond Live at The Greek Theatre (29 August 1971)
Neil's legendary Greek Theatre performance, the year BEFORE "Hot August Night". It was due to the success of this 1971 stand at The Greek that Neil re-appeared a year later and recorded the famed "Hot August Night" double LP. Some say that the 1971 performances at The Greek were even better than the 1972 "Hot August Night" series! It includes some rarely heard performances of Neil's songs such as "The Ballad of The Superstud", "Measles", "Black and Blue". (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD shown)

Neil Diamond Live at The Greek (1976)
NOT Love at The Greek. This is Live at The Greek. This is a very cleverly pieced together double CD set which includes the FULL length concert in it's correct sequence from the September 20th 1976 show. Some tracks are taken from unofficial recordings made on that night and others are lifted from the video soundtrack and original LP where a track was recorded on the evening of 20th September. You may notice that Glory Road does not appear on the track list - that's because it wasn't performed on that evening! (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD shown - adapted from original artwork)

Serenade - 25th Anniversary Edition
Serenade - 25th Anniversary Edition - QUADRAPHONIC
The Quadraphonic mixes of Neil's highly acclaimed 1974 album, Serenade. This set includes three bonus tracks: The Last Picasso (45 version), Longfellow Serenade (Live - from the Readers Digest 3 CD set) and I've Been This Way Before (Live - from the video of Love At The Greek). Also included is a lyric sheet. (Rear/Front CD case shown)

Rare Tracks
Rare Tracks
Neil Diamond - Rare Tracks
A collection of rare tracks ranging from Neils very early material with Jack Packer through to non-released material from the late 1970's. Also includes three tracks from Neil's appearance on the Shirley Bassey Show in the UK (1974). (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/CD shown)

Velvet Gloves and Spit - The Collectors Edition
Velvet Gloves and Spit - The Collectors Edition
Velvet Gloves and Spit - The Collectors Edition
An unofficial "Collectors Edition" which comprises the original 1968 US vinyl release plus A and B sides of the singles (including "Broad Old Woman) and a couple of extra different mixes giving 18 tracks in total with original album artwork included. (Rear/Front CD case + inner "booklet" shown)

Velvet Gloves & Spit
Velvet Gloves & Spit
Velvet Gloves and Spit (1968)
The original UK vinyl release with "Broad Old Woman", transfered to CD (Rear and Front CD case covers shown)

Neil TV (Volume 1: 1966-1982)
Neil Diamond - Neil TV (Volume 1: 1966-1982)
An interesting 19 track compilation of rare television performances including shows such as Top Of The Pops, Ed Sullivan Show, Music Scene and The Johnny Cash Show. Also includes some live promo and rare live performances. (Rear/Front CD case shown)

Solitary Man CD (I977)
Solitary Man CD (I977)
Solitary Man (Released 1997)
16-track compilation of "Bang" recordings. The CD label says: Made by Dureco WEESP/HOLLAND - Marketed by Dureco, Distributed by Music Net, Licensed from Global Arts. (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/label shown)

Best Of (Readers Digest)
Best Of (Readers Digest)
The Best Of Neil Diamond
57-track compilation of UNI/MCA material. Released on CD in 1985 by Readers Digest. Originally released on Double Cassette in 1980 (See Vinyl/Cassette Collection) (Rear/Front CD case + inside Front cover/label shown)

First Hits
Neil Diamond - First Hits
16-Track CD of Bang material (Rear and Front CD case covers shown)

Focus On Neil Diamond (CD)
Focus On Neil Diamond (1975)
The UK vinyl release transfered to CD with added bonus tracks: "I've Never Been The Same" (1963) "Broad Old Woman" (1968) Cliff Richard's recording of the Neil penned, "Just Another Guy" (1965) (Rear and Front CD case covers shown)

Diamonds - Various Artists
Diamonds - Various Artists (1995)
22-track Compilation of Neil's songs covered by other artists

Neil Diamond Songbook
Neil Diamond Songbook (1992)
22-track Compilation of Neil's songs covered by other artists

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